No Bitsetting-Firmware for NEC ND3550A V 1.52




my NEC DVD-RW-Drive ND3550A doesn’t support changing of the Book Type to “DVD-ROM” for DVD+R / DVD+RW.

Several Tools (Binflash, Nero Info Tool, Media Code Speed Edit,…) report the following Firmware-Version:
_NEC DVD-RW ND3550A 1.52

At Liggys and Dees Web site is no Bitsetting-Firmware for Version 1.52 (

Is there another Version from this Web site, that should work ?

I dumped my 1.52-Firmware with Binflash, but couldn’t attach the dump, because of the large filesize.



You can try one of the other ND-3550A bitsetting firmwares from my site or you email this 1.52 firmware to me (will send the address via PM) and I will see what I can do with that firmware.