No bios access after firmware update



Today I flashed my Cyberdrive DVD DM168D with the specific software SP23974.exe from Cyberdrive via bootable disk in DOS.
The software did not fail and told me
My bios now does NOT find this drive any more.

Is there any chance to revive my drive?

Any help will be appreciated



The title of the post leads to wrong thoughts…

Have you contacted Cyberdrive about that problem??


Yes, but no answer yet


I Googled the DM168D and it brought me to etna’s page at According to him, the DM168D is a Mtk-based drive, which means that you’re in luck.

Download a DM168D firmware from his page and then use MtkFlash to flash the drive; if successful, it should recover the drive. You may also wish to read the MtkFlash guide at


Sorry, I can not flash, as the drive is no more detected from the bios.
The drive no more does exist.

I need access without detecting from/by the bios.



You don’t need BIOS detection for MtkFlash to work. You just need to be able to boot into DOS mode and know exactly what channel & position the drive is hooked up to.


The problem was my bios.
I had to wait 30s for each “not existing” drive, then the bios proceeded and finally booted.
The reason for updating the firmware was, that I was not able to read some DVDs.
With other drives, there was no problem.
With now running again I tried reading again.
Thes problem is still remaining after flashing with software E50G.



that sounds like a jumper problem , is it on cable select? that can make problems