No background image desktop

Can anybody help me to fix a problem with the desktop in win 2000.
Somehow i can not select an images for the background… its not availible only patrone ?

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I’m not sure, but if you don’t have an administrator account you can’t do some modifications

i do have an administrator account… when i start up i can see the background image, but then somehow it dissappears behind a blue desktop when desktop items are loaded.I can not select the background images anymore just paterns (diamonds etc…)

Have you installed some software to modify desktop or to create screensavers? Or some themes? Maybe these are causing your problems.

try enabling dare i say “Active Desktop” shame on me

right click any blank desktop area - select (dunno on win2k);
Properties ?
Customize ?
Active Desktop >> View as web page ??

on 98 looks like this