No available burner!?

More than just InstantCopy
Hi all,
I posted earlier about InstantCopy not allowing the burner to be used as a destination drive, but I just tested CloneDVD and it appears to be doing the same.
Under the DVD Writer section of cloneDVD the are NO OPTIONS.
I know the drive will read, because I have already watched a dvd and ripped a dvd to hdd. Its just that the software wont let me use it as a writer!
Any ideas? The burner is a sony dru-510A btw.

Thanks in advance

It was that stupid “Virtual DVD” thing that cloneCD installs.
When I got rid of that, it cleared the problem up.
Also, on InstantCopy, I right-clicked the dvd drive in SOURCE and it had an option “Add as writer”


Good to know. Thanks for posting back :slight_smile: