No Autostart CD/or DVD

If I put in a CD or DVD, it will not auto start. The name of the CD/DVD doesn’t show at the drive letter, or in My Computer I can do anything I need to with the CD/DVd, read, write, copy files etc. I have checked Device Mgr, set all properties, used M/soft kowledge base and set the registry. This happens with both my new LG shw-160p6s, and a new DVD-Rom. It happened with the old burner and reader also. All my installs I have to go to the drive letter and open the CD and click on Setup. This is a Dell 8400, 3.0GHz. I had a hard drive failure and reinstalled XP Pro. It has been this way right off. Reinstall all ?? Hope not!! I can’t believe it is firmware on two different units- has to be in XP ???

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Try this method. Insert a disc in the drive, then right click on the drive letter and select “properties”.

From the window, go to the “autoplay” tab, and select the desired option for each disc type (browse the drop down menu). This should work


Yes, this is an operating system issue. I think, you are using some software, that hast turned the default behaviour of Windows off. And this is a good thing, as it prevents installing of unwanted software, as happened with some music CDs from Sony/BMG :a

For safety reasons, you should stick with that setting. :cool:


Geno888: I have tried every properties settings, plus, even reinstalled the IDE Drivers. I don’t believe it is a regular setting.
Mciahel: Yes, it may be a good thing not to have autostart, however, I use Acronis as my backup which needs an autostart CD to restore my system in case of a meltdown.
So, I still need advice…
Thanks to both of you

If your problem is related to Acronis recovery CD, then your problem is a bios setting.

Check in your bios and set as primary boot device CD/DVD drive.

This is a registry key modified or a group policy set. Search MS Knowledge Base on for “nodrivetypeautorun”.

Mciahel: Yes, it may be a good thing not to have autostart, however, I use Acronis as my backup which needs an autostart CD to restore my system in case of a meltdown.
This wouldn’t help you if your Windows installation is crashed seriously. What you want is a bootable CD. Not an Autostart CD. Check the documentation that came with your software about this.


Geno888, Ihave checked the bios, and I was wrong about the Acronis boot disk… It does start as it is a “BOOT DISK” my error. I guess I was really just trying to get autostart or autorun to "Start"
Michel: I have gone in and checked registry settings, I just rechecked using your knowledge base articles as they were different, and they basically sent me to the same settings which were all set correctly. That is what is so frustrating as everything is set as it should be. Somewhere I’m missing something. I’m wondering if I had a bad install at the time of my reinstall of XP after the hard drive failure.
Thanks again!

If your suspect is a failing installation, then the only solution is doing a fresh install. This is boring, but solve all problems.

I suggest you to create an acronis image after you finish the fresh install, before to install any software (also drivers), so next time it will be sufficient only 5 minutes to restore anything, and you cna also install freshly the newest drivers if are available.

you could also try [Autoplay"] Autoplay Repair Wizard]( from ms before setting the whole thing up again. booting from xp cd and selecting ‘repair’-option might aswell save you some time.

You hit the nail on the head!! What ever the wizard did- it fixed it!! I can’t thank you enough! Also- want to thank geno888 and Mciahel for their efforts!! Much appreciated!