No Audio

Can anyone help?. I have just spent 6 hours trying to copy a dvd or just part of it but I cannot get any sound to copy.

I am using DVDShrink 3.1 which is able to rip and compress the DVD and NeroDVDplus5 which came bundled with my LG GSA-4081B.

Theproblem is when I come to burn the DVD using NeroDirect the file Audio_ts is empty, the video file is there and will burn to disc but there’s no sound.

I’ve tried changing the setting but to no avail. When I preview the file on DVDShrink the sound is there but not when I rip it to my hard drive.

It’s driving me bonkers!!

First off all - why don’t you post at a forum for DVDShrink?

The Audio folder is always empty - it is just there for compability with some very old stand alone players.

If you open your videofiles you should open the VIDEO_TS.IFO file.