No audio

I have been having a problem recently. I just started making my own movies using Nero Vision which will convert video files to dvd format. However when I burn these files onto dvd’s and stick them into any dvd player there is no audio. I was using DVDFab 3, and i figured that was the problem so I upgraded to 5. That didn’t help at all. I checked the video files that Nero gave me and there is audio on those… so somehow I am losing it when I burn it to dvds.

Anyone got anything?

please post a screen shot of the dvd format video files opened with dvdfab.

why are you using dvdfab for burning?

dvdfab is a dvd decrypting program with a built-in burning engine.

ner0 vision is a converting program with a built-in burning engine. why not use ner0 burning rom? or ImgBurn?

i was using DVDFab because it compresses the files. Nero Vision is making the files just a little too large to burn normally.