No Audio

I’m evaluating DVDFab Platinum. I like the video quality and ease of use but my finished AVIs have no audio. I do not have this problem when using AutoGK.

Any suggestions?

Hi foquendo. Most often the AVIs actually have audio but the player is missing a codec. What tools do you have with which to examine the files, and which profile did you use to make them?

If I’m reading GSpot correctly (I’m new to all this), I have the codecs needed to play the file. The status message in the audio section says “Codec(s) Installed”.

It’s also indicating the audio is AC3 and I have AC3Filter installed. That’s the same format used by AutoGK and the audio plays fine from files produced with that app.

I would suggest you test the files with VLC media player. It is free and will play almost anything. I use AVICodec and MediaInfo for file info. Make sure the proper inputs on your audio card software are turned up or not muted. What profile did you use in DVDFab to make the file?

I’ve had similar problems with AVI files downloaded from the internet, not any I’ve created. Some had no sound in DivX player with all the DivX codecs installed, but when played in Windows Media Player the sound was there. I upgraded to the latest version of DivX player and surprisingly the sound is back on the files that didn’t have sound before. So, just because you have a codec installed doesn’t mean that you won’t have problems because the codec is outdated. I was using DivX player version 6.3 or 6.4 and upgraded to 6.6, just that minor version change fixed the problem. DVDFab is probably using latest codecs or whatever goes on in the background programming, and so the produced files require the latest codecs to play properly as well??? Hopefully it is that simple for you to fix.


I’m just learning to use DVDfab, and having a similar problem. I’ve made .avi files to play on my Zen. However, the .avi’s I made with DVDfab have no audio. Windows media player even shows an odd little red x, saying there’s an error. The .avi file I made of one of the same movies plays fine (with audio). Help?

Never mind. Found the answer in another posting:

Googled ffdshow.
Found it (auto-install .exe file) at
Ran it, problem instantly solved!