No audio with Sony DRU-720A Dual Layer Burner

hey - I have a Sony DRU-720A Burner and the audio won’t sound on movies that i play. All of the audio on my system works normally, and when i put in a DVD, the menu audio and video sounds and play just fine. But once i click play, the video of the movie play normally but I hear no audio. Again the audio is fine on everything else (including CDs).

I have XP pro, dual Xeon 2.8 Ghz systems with 2 GB RAM. Thanks for any suggestions. Also DVDs that i have burned on it play just fine. Only high-budget popular Hollywood movies don’t play properly. - B

what software player are you using? have you checked the Audio preferences and selected the proper method of decoding the audio stream (i.e. Analog, SPDIF, Stereo, 5.1, PCM, etc. etc.)?

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