No Audio with ripped DVD encoded with AC3/6

When I rip a DVD with AC3/6 (Dolby Digital) audio, the file does not play sound in the windows media player.

I have downloaded and installed all the codecs that the forums suggest (AC3Filter . . . ect.). Still No Luck.

I know my hardware and hookup is fine. My PC has optical out dirrectly into a Dolby Digital Reciever. When I play a DVD or watch HDTV thru the internal HDTV tuner I get Dolby Digital Sound and all works well.

I know the file was encoded with AC3/6 sound (as verified using Gspot codec utility application).

When I rip using your software with mp3 sound 2 channel sound - everything rks fine.

any ideas - I have run out myself!

You must set the correct prefs in AC3filter or it never will work!

Can you tell me the coorect prefs?

Set the output according to your hardware.