No audio with Polar Express

One Click 4.2

All my movies have worked great until now. Polar express would not copy the sound. Tried 2x’s. Picture looks fine

Try to burn again and this time do not have the DTS on 1 click check marked. This maybe your problem. Copied this movie last night using the exact same software with no prolems

thanks - good to here it works. I did not have DTS checked in fact I keep all boxes unmarked and just run the basic movie. Ironically I thought that may have been a problem but your case tells me it is not. Thanks for the feedback.

Yea i just put in the movie polar express and checked the sound…no problems on this end…using AnyDVD and One Click 4.2…try to update your AnyDVD that my be the problem

Because of the way the movie was produced you will have to select Menus and extras in the 1Click options to get audio to work!!!
Good luck!

Thanks ! That did the trick. Worked perfect.

rock on :slight_smile:

Updates to both 1Click and Pro have resolved this issue. “Movie only copy” now copies with sound on Polar Express.

I should note that both of these upgrades are in beta and should be up on the LG site soon.