No audio while playing DVDs with Nero Showtime 2 bundled with Plextor PX740A

Hello all,

I work for a small system builder in Southern Virginia. We have noticed that when installing the Nero 6 bundle and trying to play a DVD video with Nero Showtime 2 we get a popup that says “DVD-Video Plug-in Required”. It says that Dolby Digital 2-channel decoding is not available. The movie will then play with no audio.

This makes no sense. Our customers should be able to play a DVD movie with a drive that costs as much as this one does without having to buy an additional decoder.

We have downloaded and installed all of the available Nero updates for this version and the problem still persists. This problem just cropped up with the latest shipment and has caused a HUGE problem for us. Previous shipments would play movies with audio just fine.

The version of Nero Showtime is

The motherboard (the audio is built into it) is an Intel D945GNT with the latest drivers

I have googled this thing to death and the links always have to do with burned or copied movies. This thing won’t play an out of the box store bought DVD.

Thanks in advance, we kinda got taken by surprise with this one!

use a different software player.

power dvd is very widely used on this forum and looks very nice.

i use vlc for it’s plain and simple look and the fact that it plays any conceivable media file i throw at it.

if you’re really intent on getting nero working, i’m not sure what to tell you. maybe someone who uses nero showtime will have some advice…

I have seen different verions of Nero bundled software. On the back of the paper sleeve that the disc comes in it says “Does not support DVD for some apps”. This is probably what you have.

I got a reply back from Plextor and they said that this was their “bargain” drive and they decided not to include DVD playback functionality.

This “bargain” drive costs twice what an equivalent Samsung does that comes with functional software.

Plextor recommendted using AVDS Free player but we can’t get it to work.

Talk about a joke. A $100 DVD burner that will not play a movie.

Thanks for the info.



Try Media Player Classic or VLC Mediaplayer

Talk about a joke. A $100 DVD burner that will not play a movie.
This is not a hardware issue. They just put the cheapest software bundle, they can get into the box.
It is policy of, that the software installs all necessary and unnecessary components, but to use some of them, you’ll have to pay extra. So is with MP3-plugin, so is with MPEG2-plugin from them.


you spent $100 on that burner?

you do know that it’s just a rebadged BenQ 1640 and not a real plextor drive, right? When they were more common they were regularly sold for about $40.

you didn’t buy a $100 dvd burner. you bought a $40 dvd burner, in a $60 box

It’s not the box, that is so pricey, it’s the bezel :bigsmile:


also, the benq is a very good drive. i’m not trying to say that you bought a “cheap” as in “poor quality” drive.

i’m saying you overpaid for a brand name. it’s still a very good product, but apparently one that doesn’t come with the extras that you thought it would.

if it’s for your own personal use, i’d just deal with using a different media player.

if it’s for someone else (you said you work for a builder) then maybe you could include a freeware player on a disc with the systems you build (or even preinstall one)

This is the first post anywhere that I’ve seen that has the same problem I’ve been dealing with. I just built a new system and have a Lite-On DVD burner that was bundled with NERO 6 and PowerDVD 5. After installing them I couldn’t get any DVDs to play. PowerDVD would load and then close automatically, and WMP would just give me an error. I eventually un-installed PowerDVD and sure enough DVDs would play in WMP beautifully, but unfortunately with no audio. I wasn’t sure how my DVDs were playing because I knew WMP didn’t have a DVD decoder. After careful study I learned the NERO had a DVD decoder which was allowing WMP to play the video portion of the DVD. I then thought perhaps the two DVD decoders (NERO and PowerDVD) were clashing so un-installed NERO, and re-installed PowerDVD, and I still had the same problems as before so I assumed there was some sort of clashing between WMP and PowerDVD. So I did a system restore and I’m back to no audio during DVD playback.

I can’t for the life of me figure out what’s going on. My drive plays audio CDs beautifully, and the video playback for DVDs is awesome, but just no audio to go along with it. You would think if it’s an audio codec problem WMP would have the correct one, but maybe not and if not I have no idea how to find the right one. I too have updated NERO but still no audio. If you get it to work let me know.