No audio....whats wrong?

So, i just got my plextor px-708A today. I have the software that comes with it. The roxio easy cd dvd creator 6.

i’m copying a CSS protected disk. To rip, i’ve downloaded the DVDdecryptor and to shrink i’ve d/l the DVDShrink. My problem come in with burning (i think). I don’t think i can burn the “shrunk” VIDEO_TS file with roxio, right? so, i d/l the CopyToDVD software. I THOUGHT everything came out ok, but my dvd player (attached to my tv) won’t recognize the disk and the dvd player in my computer plays the picture, but not the sound.

What am i doing wrong? CAN i use the Roxio to burn the VIDEO_TS file? Do i just need to find compatible media for my Tv-Dvd player?

Also, i have Windows ME, so i have that whole, if i’m going to convert to an image file, i can’t burn because ME doesn’t like to process files larger than 4g, or something.


Your burning app needs to be able to produce a correctly structured UDF file system; Nero, for example does have trouble but it can be done. Roxio? May I suggest you try CloneDVD among others? Use Decrypter to rip in File Mode (all files) when using Clone.

The ripped files should be no larger than 1GB. Don’t produce one big file.

Then your set-top box has to be able to play the burnt recordable.

And WinMe is an awful OS for good reasons. Save your data, reformat and clean install XP or Win2K.