No audio using WMP, after burning DVD



[qanda]This thread is about the Lite-On LH-20A1L. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I just burned my first DVD, using Fab5 (the free platinum version) and the result looks terrific, but there is no sound when played back on Windows Media Player…there is audio when played with VLC. Can anyone tell me why…did I do anything to cause this, and is there a work around to get the audio to play on WMP?
Thanks in advance,
Gil :slight_smile:


“IMOPO” WMP is a piece of crap, stick with VLC. No you didn’t do anything to cause this, as it plays in VLC.


You may be lacking a CODEC or have an option set incorrectly. Do a search for K-lite codecs. But you’re better off playing back with something else like VLC or Media Player Classic anyway.


Thanks; guess VLC it is. What about the Fab5, is there anything better; also, what do any of you suggest for transferring VCR tapes to DVD, as I’m totally new to this.
TIA, Gil


If you just want to transfer vcr tapes to dvd, without editing or adding special effects and stuff, get a dvd recorder, and transfer directly from your vcr to dvd. If you want to do a lot of editing, make fancy motion menus, etc., look into hardware/software for transferring vhs to pc.


Gamma1, Thanks for the K-Lite codec info; I downloaded from their site and now the CD plays in WMP; now I’m going to burn another copy and see if it will play on another computer’s WMP and/or another stand alone DVD player, or if it only plays on mine. Do you think the K-Lite fixes will apply for burning, or only for playing?