No audio playing on movie

Hi everyone.I DL a movie and it’s the only one i have never been able to get sound with is perfect.i have DL every codec i can think of and still won’t play sound.never had this problem.any ideas?

Since you’ve provided next to nothing, as far as details, I’d guess maybe the source is corrupted…

well others have DL the same one and have not complained of audio probles just me.I dont know if im allowed to post links but here is the movie and reviews on it and im the only one saying anything about the audio.


Okay i DL a utility that separates the audio from the video and it has audio in i always use TPMPauth works 4 and never had this problem but when i do this movie the audio never works just video now i know there’s audio in this file.any suggestions on how to get this all to work onto a dvd player so it will pay sound now to?


Sorry but that’s a commercial movie being illegally distributed, so we can’t help any further. Please have another look at the rules:

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