No audio playback from DVD/MPEG2 files in WMP 11



Hi Everyone,

The last 2-times I attempted to play DVD/MPEG2 files (MPEG-PES) , in WMP 11 , I received video playback but no audio playback . The audio is AC-3 .
I have set ffdshow to work with WMP 11 , but still no audio .
Any ideas ?
Thanks !

P.S. my computer is a WinXpPro Sp3.


Have you tried to get the latest AC-3 driver for your PC?


I fixed the problem . I didn’t have ffdshow audio decoder configured right.
I enabled AC3 in the liba52 mode, and then the audio file started playback .
At first I had the Dolby decoder selected, and the AC3 set to S/PDIF , but that didn’t work.
Your reply made me think of another question… does Codecs’s have drivers to enable them ?