No audio on DVD

I have good VOB files with sound, but when I burn them to DVD with nero, the audio is missing. Anyone have a solution?

what program did u use to author the dvd ?

DVDlab and I checked the VOB’s and the audio is present. Its just that when I burn the DVD with nero, the audio is absent.

does the dvd play ok from the VIDEO_TS folder or the ISO that you out-putted from dvdlab ?

VIDEO_TS folder.

The way I did it is like so: I had a vcd and converted it using DVDsanta (burned it and it works great). So I decided I wanted to make a menu. I imported all the VOB’s into DVDlab and selected the option where it joins all the VOBs into 1 big VOB file and DOES NOT demultiplex it BECAUSE the files are already dvd compliant. Then I add the VOB file to “MOVIE 1” and it shows the video and audio track; so I make the Menu and compile and burn. It plays the video but no audio.

I had the same problem, but probally for a different reason. When i used Anydvd and nero together, Nero would make either a blank track the primary audio track, or use one of the commentaries. The workaround: Ditch the fluff.

I don’t think that might help your situation, but instead of dvdfab, try anydvd, it works way way WAY better, and allows usage of ANY burning software.