No audio on DVD playback



I just installed my first DVD burner (BENQ DW1655), and I’m definitely a newbie, so please bear with me here.

Anyway, upon popping in the first commercial DVD I tried to play using WMP 9, the video plays, but there is no audio. I’ve tried 5 or so different DVDs including one non commercial DVD+R with the same result.

Does it have something to do with some audio/video codec that I either don’t have or that I have f****d up by deleting something somewhere when I shouldn’t have?

Also, I don’t know if this has anything to do with anything, but I have Nero 6 Ultra Edition and when I try to use Showtime (Nero’s player) to play a DVD, I get this error screen popup.

Showtime won’t even play the video without the audio. I get the error screen each time I try to play a DVD. However, video files that I have on the harddrive: .mpg’s, .mpeg’s, etc still play just fine as before.

Even if WMP sucks, shouldn’t Nero’s Showtime player work just fine for playback of DVD’s. Hell, I thought that was its basic purpose.

Newb on the loose,


It seems a codec problem try the PowerDVD. It may works.


As an alternative a good free player is VLC.


… or Media Player Classic. I think, it runs smoother than VLC.



Which one is the absolute best?



None are the absolute best, it depends realy which one you can use. I use VLC for all video played on the PC, though I never use the PC to play DVDs, I have a fixed (as in won’t recieve a TV signal) combination TV-dvd unit.

Why not try them all to see which you like and which you find easiest to use. As said VideoLan (VLC) is free and PowerDVD does do a free trial, can’t comment on MPC as I have never used it.

@mc I find VLC only goes funny if my PC has been on for a long time and so needs a re-boot as it also affects the load speed of programmes.


I am also very new at burning DVD’s I have Nero 6 and having the same error message. I did however fix the playback problem by going to Nero website and download an update. Now my movie plays but still no audio


Yeah, thanks guys. PowerDVD 6 Deluxe did the trick. Works very well.

I’ve got the Full version, but isn’t the registered version supposed to have an equalizer though. I don’t have access to it. I seem to only have the equalizer presets: e.g. classical, dance, bass, etc., and only for video playback. When playing .mp3s, there is no preset/equalization option at all! Is this the way it should be?