No audio on DVD movie backups!

Hi everyone, am hoping you can help a dvd newbie. Have just installed a Sony DRU-700A(actually OEM model DW-D18A) and am using it with 1click DVD copy and have the problem of not having audio on the resulting copy. The picture is perfect but soundless. Am using Sony DVD+R disks. I try to play them on a brand new Phillips DVD player and as I stated earlier, great picture but no sound.

I attached the audio cable from the rear of the unit to my onboard sound plug on the motherboard.

I have tried to update the firmware but my DVD player shows up as a DW-D18A and a message pops up that I have no DRU-700A installed on the computer. Don’t know how to get around that problem either.

Any help would sure be appreciated.

Can you try again with different transcoding software?
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