No Audio on divx file burned to cd (Played on DVD player)

i burned some divx files and subtitles to a dvd disc as a data-dvd to watch on my home dvd player that supports divx. some play great, but some of them have no audio, i tried pressing the audio button on the remote, but says (NO AUDIO DATA) i tried playing it on the computer and plays fine. i can’t figure out why some play fine and some with no sound. ANY HELP???

You need to check what form the audio stream is in. Get Gspot or Avicodec (google for them) and they’ll tell you the audio codec used. Hopefully you’ll find that those that have no audio output on your DVD player all have the same.

It is possible to convert the audio stream to something compatible with the player so it shouldn’t be a problem.

i just checked and GSPOT says the audio is in 0x0161 (WMA v2) format. but i couldnt figure out how to convert it to mp3. can it be done in gspot or do i need another program?

i think you can extract the audio with virtualdub or nandub , then use some audio converting software to convert it , and just replace the audio on the movie

does anyone know if there is a guide somewhere for this, i tried using virtualdub and demux’d it and got a unknown file in the folder, i new to all this, so if there is a write up somewhere, please let me know.

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