No audio on blu ray player




I created a Blu ray backup of a movie. The movie plays fine when i use TotalMedia player. When i put it in the blu ray player, there is no sound and it’s choppy. I used Tsmuxer to muxe the video and audio i wanted. Then used ripbot to create the bluray folder. Then tried it off the harddrive and i worked. Then created the UDF 2.5 Disc and that worked with the computer, but when i put it in the player it did not read correctly. Does anyone know what might cause this? Player does not decode the audio?

Have others tried the burned Bluray on a DVD9 disc and have sucsess with quality of video and audio.

Searched the forums and could not find anyone with the same issue.



What movie is it? Sometimes TsMuxer will mux some titles incorrectly. It happens to me a few times, just like you, where it works on the PC but it didn’t work on the player or PS3. Using Tsremux usually fix the problem. I like TsMuxer because it’s a lot faster than Tsremux but it fails on some movies.


It was National Treasure 2. Thanks for the reply.