No Audio in movie



Well, I am puzzled and need some help.

  1. I have the current download of CloneDVD.
  2. I am using +R blanks by Memorex
  3. There are no error messages or hangups noted during the use of both Slysoft, and CloneDVD
  4. During the previews and the various menus I have full sound.
  5. When the movie starts, (Any and all movies in the last maybe 6 months or so…), there is NO SOUND at all. Totally quiet.
  6. When using the CloneDVD, all files are checked for backup.
  7. Yes, the movies are DVD and not a bluerays.

Any suggestions? Please!


I think you may have a bad burner or maybe a picky one.
Try some Verbatim.
Is it possible you have unchecked all of your Audio Streams in CloneDVD ?
It has a memory for this & if all streams have been unchecked at some time there would be no audio. At least I think that is what would happen I have never tested that.

Also if that is your e-mail address in your post.It is a bad idea to post it.


Thanks, but I think I have eliminated that. I got a new burner and it does the same thing. Plenty of sound for the previews, and musice and audio for the menus. But when the movie starts no sound at all. not music, nothing.

All files/streams ARE checked.


Just for an experiment, try compressing with DVDShrink instead. It is free to use:

If it works, you know there is something screwy going on within CloneDVD. Completely uninstall the program and clean out the system registry settings for the program. Then install again. Make sure to have your registration information saved first of course.