No Audio Device



Hi All, have just formatted my laptop, but there is no sound. I downloaded relevant drivers, all the hardware is there … HELP!!! :bow:


If you have the drivers find the device in device manager>sound video and game controllers>what ever your sound card is. double click on your device and install or reinstall driver(s). :wink:


hey having a similar problem —STILL—!!!
Everest shows that i have no PCI/PNP device, this other program called Uknowndeviceidentifier, reports that it reads my AC 97 audio chip and profiles all its information. According to the intsruction prev. posted, the AC97 would be listed in the device section??? if that’s the case I should be able to go into Device Mgr, and load up all the shiznit…but what if it’s not there??? the question is… is there a sure fire way to know if the imbedded sound chip is fried? or/and trouble shoot through loading reloading the device through the startup/ Resore/driver disk from the Manufacturer, and trouble shoot whether its a kernal/ registry problem???


Check in BIOS > enable.
Check in Devicemanager > enable or install relevant drivers.
Go into audio settings and enable or adjust the prefs, first of all the master volume slider.


Can anybody tell me the best resource to use, whether it be microsoft, or intel, or audio chi[ manucaturer that would detail the specs for the Registry?


All above, sound and great advice. A basic thing that is often overlooked even by experts when re configuring pooters is the main board drivers for the chip set.I’m familiar with the AC 97 sound chip and it’s fairly bomb proof in my experience. Laptops, mind you, they’ll break your heart if you want to use them for multi media. 99.9% of the time easy peasey.0.1% welcome to the club ! Serious audio visual applications will be found being run by apple stuff as an industry standard.


With some OS’, eg. w2003, you have to enable AUDIO first to be able to use it. Server Os, so its ok.