No audio connector on S183A?

Perhaps this is a dumb question but here it goes:
I just bought myself an OEM Samsung S183A which is a SATA drive and to my surprise there is no audio connector on it. I probably should have checked it in the store, but it is too late now.
How am I supposed to get sound out of it now ?

Any help appreciated.

Do you really need the audio connector? I never use them because I get audio out of the CD/DVD-ROM anyway.

You only need the audio connector if you put in an audio cd and make it play direct to the sound card without the computer cpu being involved at all
This is no longer used by most people you need 2 buttons on the front of the Cd/DVD drive for it to work one for eject and another one for play audio

If your system is up to date and using XP, it should rip / access the audio DIGITALLY instead of via Analog. So, if you don’t have a cable connector in the back for connecting to your sound card, you can still get the audio off the disk digitally. If you don’t have a headphone jack at the front, you can get a set of speakers with a headphone jack, or plug them into the line-out jack on your audio card, if you have one.

Are you talking about the connector on the back of the drive? Or the front?