No Audio - Burned DVD - Samsung HD860

Greetings, I tried the search function on the forum, but for some reason I get a blank page.

The issue I am having is I have a Samsung HD860 DVD player and am trying to burn a dvd using ConvertXtoDVD, but have no audio. AVS DVD player on my pc plays video and audio from the burned dvd, but the Samsung dvd player displays video, but not audio.

The source file is an .mkv file recorded in 720p. ConvertX recognizes an audio stream with the information as [en] - mpeg4aac, 48000Hz, 5:1. I let ConvertX burn directly to the DVD. The settings for ConvertX are generally the defaults.

I also have access to Nero to use to burn if it’s a better option. Do I have to convert the audio to a specific codec for this DVD player or are there any settings on the DVD players that would effect this (DTS, etc)? I looked online but couldn’t find anything. The DVD player is hooked up via HDMI to my TV.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You’ll probably have to convert the audio over to ac3, pcm or mp2 since those are the formats most commonly used in dvds.

PCM will take a lot of room, MP2 isn’t universally supported by NTSC standards (though it almost always works), so I normally convert over to AC3. There are several different ways to convert to AC3 once you demux. A free tool is ffmpeggui.

Pssh. Why can’t technology just be simple. ;>

PCM is one of the settings on my DVD player along with BitStream, I’ll take a look at converters but does anyone have any quality suggestions that have worked for them?

Thanks for the replies.

If the DVD is recorded using 5.1 surround sound only there is a chance that your player does not have an internal decoder (check the specs). No 5.1 audio connections would tend to support this ie. the player outputs only via a digital connection and requires an external surround sound amp to decode.

It is possible that the HDMI is carrying the encoded 5.1 signal to the TV but once again, assuming the TV cannot decode the only option is convertion before the burn.

why not just convert the mvk to avi??? then encode it to dvd?

I’ll try using the RCAs to hook it up to one of my roommate’s receivers.

If I convert it to AVI will I lose quality?

Why don’t you use the REAL source instead??