No audio after downloading youtube videos

Hi Everybody,

I’m sure this has been asked, and hopefully answered, a zillion times, but I have been Googling and can’t find the answer. I converted the youtube video clip from FLV to AVI and successfully downloaded to my PC, using the convenient application. The video plays in both my WMP and VLC, but no audio on either one. I already have downloaded K-lite a couple of years ago, when WMP wouldn’t play any audio and that worked, but now nothing seems to work on the converted youtube files.

I’d really appreciated it if anyone can point me in the right direction!


Examine the avi file with MediaInfo and see what type of audio is on it, if any. If VLC won’t play it, I suspect a failed transcoding by

MediaInfo is free to download and use. I find the Tree view within it to be the most informative.

There is also YouTube Downloader available at the YouTube site .
It converts to several different formats.
I used to use it.I now have better methods.
If you are using a website for conversions it should be as good as that.

How about giving Youtube downloader HD a try it’s a independent program that can not only download in FLV but in 1080 if it can streams that and save to you computer. I think that would be a better way to go otherwise if your browser supports it as in FF get the plugin video downloaderhelper which can download not only FLV but higher HD stream if that is avaiable to get. I use both of those program depending on which streams I like to get.

I’ve used the Youtube downloader HD & it works.
I just copy the file from IE TIF instead though.The only difference is the Youtube downloader HD produces an .AVI file & IE TIF produces a .MP4 file.
The image below from MediaInfo shows the stats are the same for both.