No audio after burning dvd

I need Help, I have vob files that I want to burn on disc, I have Nero start smart burner, the video comes out fine but the audio is lost. On others the audio and video is fine but the vertical hold is messed up. The vob files play on my computer but not well on an dvd player. Please help.

Welcome to the forum. Might I suggest that you start by reading some of the guides and tutorials at before you start trying to figure out how to burn video dvds. This is not a single solution, cut and dried thing to do. You need to be familiar with terminology, and the steps involved in creating dvd’s that will work in your dvd player, and on your pc. Then come back here and we will be glad to answer specific questions you have.

I think that your problem is the InFOrmation file, it tells to the stand alone how reproduce the dvd (chapters, audio, etc.)