No Appropriate Disk Recognized in the Recorder

I am using NeroVision 4. The thing is, I burned a video I put together for my parents before, and it went all fine, but now that I need to put something on a disc for me, it is not working.

I am not sure if anyone here had this problem before, but this is what happens.

Here is what the program looks like. I have what i want to put up right here.

This is after. “No Appropriate Disc was Recognized in the recorder.” The thing is, this is the same drive I am using, a DVDRW from the same package, and I don’t get what this problem is. I reinstalled the program, and it is not working. Anyone have any answer to it?

The DVDRWs are by Imation.

Also, I tried burning more onto the disk for them one or two days later, and the disk erased to burn the next batch of videos on to the DVDRW, and gets the same Error as the others now, so the disc erased.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Welcome to the forum.

If you really mean DVD RWs then that’ll be the problem. Nero is expecting a DVD Dual Layer disk as you’ve select DVD-9 as the output size.

Thanks for the welcome and the input. :slight_smile:

Well, here is the thing. I have tried it on all options and I get the same result. (DVD-1 8cm, DVD, and DVD9) and They still don’t work. =\ Anything else i can try?

Once again, thanks in advance!

The only appropriate disk for the compilation you show is a dual layer, DVD9 disk. Your compilation is 7 gig which will only fit on a dual layer disk.