No AOpen forum, WHY?

Greetings Mods,
I don’t understand why there isn’t a AOpen forum? The latest AOpen DUW1608 ARR 16x dual dvd burner can easily make 1:1 backups of Safedisc 2.90, great DAE and dvd rip speed.

AOpen DUW1608 review (CD Freaks)

Note The Rosewill RD-162 16x dual is a rebagged AOpen :slight_smile:

Sounds good to me,

I just got an 1648 aap pro, with a tan face plate, and was wondering if anyone in cyber land had a black bezel I could trade/buy off of them.

Hit me up with a p.m.

Thanks Andy

Based on the poor review here. I doubt that it has been popular enough to generate any real sales. Probably not enough users out there to support an AOpen forum…

The management and staff are currently discussing this. We’ll have to wait for the outcome ;).

Yes vote! Several of us bought the 39.99 special at office Max. This is a great reader, slow DVD burner, fast cd burner, and a very nice reliable drive.
Would like to see some FW mods on this to speed up TY02 to 16x.

pcdoc. There are a bunch who have bought rosewell/aopen/microadvantage and other rebaged versions of this drive. This is a good drive. Not as good as my Plex 716, but some real advantages over the 3500 except fast 16X burns on 8X +R media which the 3500 will do if you are nice to it. This is a gem waiting for some FW work.

PS/factory FW is up to 080 and the quality of DVD burns is outstanding! Just slow! I posted some stuff at CDRLABS as well as TCAS.

Hi -

I just joined CD freaks to get some feedback on how to get my Aopen CD drive working right. So, it would be good to have a forum or at least a thread for Aopen problems/questions.

Running Windows 2000 SP4, w/ all windows updates, does not recognize my CD/optical drive at all.
My Computer shows only my floppy drive and the hard drive.

It’s an Aopen 48x read-only. I only use it for installing progs or re-installing Windows periodically, and I had it working before the latest re-install, so it’s not broken. No doubt it’s a driver problem, but I would like to find out if I can ‘flash’ it with some firmware to permanently update it so I don’t have to waste time on it again, and again.

Of course I forgot to back up my drivers before redoing Windows (as I had forgotten about this problem.)

The motherboard is an HP, older Vectra, but the OS should ‘see’ the CD drive regardless of the motherboard, right? Also, I didn’t use any HP motherboard software, just W2K.

(This is not my main computer, it is only for surfing the web when I’m burning a DVD etc. on the other one. For that reason it’s not worth upgrading to a CD burner, or replacing this reader.)

Thanks for any help or suggestions!

Same goes here I would like to see a dedicated forum for this drive ( mine is AOpen 1608 one) and having working with this drive almost for past two months I beleive this drive deserve community attention at its own assigned forum.

I just joined CD freaks to get some feedback on how to get my Aopen CD drive working right. So, it would be good to have a forum or at least a thread for Aopen problems/questions.

Simple stuff, like update your bios from the MB site, update your drive fw from the aopen site. Update windows from the windows update site. Delete all cd drives insafe mode and reboot. Check Bios for your drive during bootup for IDE channels and drives as well as after boot in device manager. Set these to DMA or auto. Try another drive! Switch channels! Check you master slave on each channel. You can have only one of each on each channel. Some devices will only work as master.
Buy a Dell dude. LOL

from what I’ve seen, the DUW1608 is a possible successor to my set of BenQ 1620s. Unless of course Pioneers become available in my area…

Maybe a harware subgroup that includes all the orphans-like Teac/Aopen etc

Teac is a rebadged Liteon, flashable to the corespondent model, so no need to open separate thread. But indeed AOpen 1608 is a drive with major potential but lack of good firmware… though it would be easier to follow new updates and to post quality scans if here would be an AOpen thread. After I read the review I was disappointed but knowing that subsequent firmware updates can correct its behaviour it soon can become an interesting drive due to its capabilities.

why no NU forums?

For the time being may be we can all treat the following thread as temporarily thread for AOpen:

NU is a BQ!

really so a ddw82 is a benq what?

Newegg and Pricegrabber /NEXTTAG do not list NU anymore, so I can’t help you. But go to the BQ forum and ask your question. Certain NU models were rebag BQ’s. Sorry but there use to be a whole section at newegg for NU as well as reviews.