No! And it was looking so good!

THe Plextor 24x Writer review at CDRinfo has deflated me somewhat. Having the best of EVERYTHING on the CloneCD compatibility list, it’s gone and screwed up in a number of tests. Although it does everything it was meant to do, it seems to have a lot of problems involving media types, strange seeing as it’s got POWEREC II, which along with Philips’ TBW seems to be a new fad amongst the manufacturers. Secondly it seems to have been castrated by having no support for Fast Error Skipping?? ( i would guess) as it takes an hour to make a CloneCD image, and the review states this as extremely poor because of the Plextor 16x Writer can do this is 2 minutes! However hope and optimism in the form of a firmware from Plextor… Btw, what is the name of the feature (technically or whatever) to do with Fast Error Skipping or whatever it is that makes CloneCD imaging of Copy Protected CDs such a bastard? And any reason why the Plextor 24x may have this problem??

Sorry CDRInfo, really shud link to your review!

i just got my 24x Plextor.
i seen the review for this drive aswell.
it was kind of a let down, but i still bought it.
biggest reason was because of the support and the reliabilty of all plextor drives.
there are afew problems right now with the drive but i think once the new firmware comes out they’ll all be fixed.
i still think the drive looks and works awesome.
guys at Plextor won’t let the public down, they haven’t so far.

I also bought this drive after reading the reviews and have to say i’m well pleased with it.
No probs with media whatsoever an like any SD2 burner i knew it was shite at reading,so i use my plex 12/10/32A :smiley: sorted :smiley:

Dont ask me,i aint all there