No Advanced Options for Plextor712

Hi all
New here to the forum and have been looking at all posts & suggestions.I just recently installed the Plextor712a and no problems so far,but after reading about checking to be sure DMA was enabled I found that my Advanced tab is missing for ide channels in Device Manager! I don’t remember the last time I checked and it was there,but I’m sure it was at one point.XP Home SP1.Any suggestions how to get the setting back?

Great forum,btw. :iagree:

Welcome to the forum cher45,

You have probably installed the Intel Application Accelerator drivers? These drivers prevent you from viewing the DMA settings in your Control Panel > System. If your drive is working as it should (read: no weird buffer problems while burning) then DMA is enabled and working. Nothing to worry about!

Thanks for the welcome and the quick answer.Yep,I have IAA installed so that is the answer to the puzzle.Boy,had me worried for a bit there_could not bear the the thought of a re-install as I just put in a new 120gb hdd a couple weeks ago and felt my Windows setup was in great shape.