No Advance Tab for setting DMA



I no longer have the “Advance Tab” when i click on my
primary/secondary IDE controller. Thus i can not check my DMA settings. I’m using WinXP SP1 with ASPI 4.6 (1021) using a GiGabyte GA-8PE667 Ultra MB with a 2.4 P4 and 1 GB DDR 333. Also, Nero InfoTool restarts the computer when i try to use it. Does anyone Know how i can get the “Advance Tab” back?


For the “Advanced Tab” problem if you are using Intel try uninstalling Intel Application Accelerator if you have it.
If you are using AMD try uninstalling any special Nforce (can’t remember the specific name…) or VIA (mini-port) drivers.

If that doesn’t work then try installing MS default IDE drivers:

Originally posted by debro
[b]Right click on my computer->Properties->

Hardware tab->Device manager (middle -right)

Expand IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers

Will have intel / Via / nvidia Ultra ATA storage controller (or similar)

Don’t do the primary or secondary channels. They are children of the main.

Right click on the Via /Intel / Nvidia Ultra ATA / IDE controlller and select “Update driver”.

Then select “install from a list or specific location”-> next

Select “Don’t search. i will choose the driver to install” -> next

Select “standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller (or similar)” -> next

Reboot machine to take effect.


The reboot problem sounds like a possible ASPI issue. Read this for info on how to fix your ASPI layer.


Ssseth, Thanks for the Info.
Part 1 worked i changed the IDE drivers to Standard Dual Channel
and i now have the “Advance Tab”. Nero Info Tool still crashes after i re-installed the ASPI drivers. No Biggie tho :bow: Is there
another tool that does what Nero InfoTool does?


Originally posted by bf6239
Is there
another tool that does what Nero InfoTool does?

DVDInfoPro does pretty much the same thing and is a free download as well. :smiley:


Ssseth, thanks again for the info


I followed the advice on the thread below about a missing Advance tab on the IDE Properties Box. My computer didn’t like the changes, won’t even boot up now and I can’t even boot up in safe mode to undo the changes. I was wondering if you had any tips to help me undo the change.
Thanks for any info
The Thread


I too had no advance tab and wanted to enable DMA and made the change to Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller. Unfortunately my computer now won’t boot, and won’t boot in safe mode. I am running windows 2000 pro. Any thoughts on how I can undo that change? Thanks for any info.


Could you tell us about your hardware, what kind of system are you running?


Thanks for the response Windows 2000 pro. 2.5gig 700+ram Pentium4 nothing fancy.