No Ads Trailers etc etc etc

When using Any DVD with Clone DVD2 what is thew best setting to have NO STUFF at the beggining of a movie. I only backup the Main Movie I dont want to keep anything else to keep the highest possible quality.
What about when I split a LONG movie in (2) parts to keep quality? I have ended up with heaps of junk poor quality trailers and stuff at the start which I dont want!!! What should I do for these SPLIT films in two parts to keep all that rubbish out???:a

if the ads are separate titlesets then just make sure you don’t select them for backup.

if the ads are within the main movie titleset, then use the scissors tool to split them out.
clonedvd2, as of now, can only split at chapter boundaries.

if you don’t mind not having menus, dvd Shrink (free) will give you a greater degree of control over where you can make cuts (can cut by frame as opposed to clone’s only cutting by chapter)

Vobblanker (also free) is another tool you can use along with CloneDVD2 to remove unwanted material contained within a chapter. (ie parental settings warnings etc.)