No additional sense information



:frowning: Hello forum-people. I am lets say an new bie on the forum and since the day I downloaded clone cd 3.4.1 I think I have a question. I am able to read a cd to an image file (my dvd-rom is a Pioneer). But, to write to a cd in my cd-writer is a different story! In the lead in I get te message: No additional sense information and 'Clone cd has not exclusive access to drive F --> which is my writer-drive. I allready understand that I must have an Ide-controller problem. But, what to do? Do I have to open my precious computer?
Windows 2000 professional
Asus CUV4X-E motherboard - ultra DMA 100/66 support
Iomega Zip 650 cd-writer. Connected with a slave/master system.

Should I update the Bios from Asus?
In the hardware-console I see that my system uses IDE-atapi controllers. I guess from Windows 2000 itself? (I did not see any manufacturers name)

Anyone knows an answer? Thanx very much! Jo-Ann


Buffer underrun! have you read this?