No additional sense information error

What does “no additional sense information” mean when scanning with CDspeed?

I was scanning following disc, and at the layer break the jitter scan stopped with above message.


It is a still unsolved bug when scanning DL discs :frowning:

Yeah, most of the newer LiteOn drives that scan jitter, won’t finish scanning jitter past the layer break. Like Geno said, it’s an unsolved bug. I don’t think the DH20A3 series suffers from it, though.

I always take the error as the drive just not being able to do whatever is being asked of it at the time. It’s a semi-generic error, and can be seen sometimes when burning bad media, as well [the drive won’t be able to write, and will kick out that error].

OK thanks, so it’s just a ‘normal’ glitch of my Litey.