"NO ADDITIONAL SENSE INFORMATION ERROR (000000)" - Can't figure it out!

Hello folks,

Well it seems this cryptic error has finally hit me when using CDSpeed.

I wanted to check write transfer tests after upgrading my Lite-ON’s firmware. Hadn’t tried in quite a while, actually.

Using the CDSpeed Transfer test really weird things happen: First of all, the blank is seen as only having 2:17 minutes of capacity. (regardless of the brand and size). When I run the transfer test, it goes OK all the way to about 56 minutes then the graph stops. The burner, however, seems to be continuing its test all the way to the end. In any case, I get the “NO ADDITIONAL…” error!? I do not have any problems reading burnt disks. It only happens with blanks.

I have tried all kinds of combinations of: ASPI layers (1017, 1021); CDSpeed versions (some minor differences but end result is the same). I tried to burn a CD with Nero after that, and nothing happened. I also downgraded my firmware back to what is was before, to no avail. I have lowered my bus speed in the BIOS, no change. Maybe I should underclock my processor?!

I then disabled AIN and still same problem. I have tried different registry files, have loaded and unloaded different ghost images from the last month. I have not yet tried to install a basic image though. My son wants to get back to his game… Anyway, I’m puzzled. And yes, I’ve made a search, been doing that since yesterday (here and on Google).

I have not yet tried uninstalling Nero / CD Speed to see whether that would solve the problem. Also, I have not yet tried to install the burner on the primary IDE as slave in case something was wrong with the IDE channel. I figure if it was so, I would not have been able to clone a couple of disks I’ve cloned successfully. I am under the impression the problem is SCSI or ASPI related and is software based since I can make Clone copies without any problem.

I’m running Win98SE with the Lite-ON 40125S on Sec IDE Master. a Plextor 1210A as Secondary Slave. (I get the same problems with the Plextor BTW). My software is CloneCD, Nero, and I also have FantomCD for my son’s games images.

So you see, I’m kind of lost. Any help would be appreciated!

I assume that this problem is occurring when you use CD Speed to test, and returns to normal operation after a reboot. Is this correct?

I would try uninstalling FantomCD to see if it has an effect. Imaging programs have been known to cause conflicts.

I assume that this problem is occurring when you use CD Speed to test, and returns to normal operation after a reboot. Is this correct?

You may be right there, but a few times I could simply not burn at all (in Nero) so it may well be some sort of interference with something else that I was not able to identify. At least FantomCD doesn’t seem to be a primary suspect: I have reloaded an image from 3 weeks ago including the FantomCD app and CD Speed works fine now. Simply replacing registry files from even a month ago didn’t work, so it must be some kind of file corruption, deletion or replacement. One thing different that I noticed, the burners are NOT assigned a drive letter anymore. That may well be the key… Hmm… may be worth having a look at. In that case ClonyXXL may be suspicious as well since it also needs drive letters assigned…

Another thing I have not reinstalled (besides my docs) is the steering wheel and game I installed for my son a few days ago. I wonder, maybe the USB device is causing conflicts with some SCSI module?

Besides these items, I still don’t know for sure at this time what caused this to happen. SCSI error messages are just too damn cryptic to understand! I wish there was a guide explaining what they meant and suggested solutions… Ah well!

Thanks for the tip, Inertia, I knew you’d come to the rescue… :slight_smile:

I’ll keep you posted!

I had the exact same problem a couple of weeks ago … it really got to my nerves since i could do no tests on my Mitsumi drive

Uninstalling Alcohol got things running again, as it did for another user in the Burning Software forum.

Maybe you should try Inertia’s advice and uninstall PhantomCD …

FantomCD is definitely not the culprit there. I have tried different things with it, the problem has not reappeared. I have the feeling it may be an obscure DLL, SYS, DRV or VXD File with a different time stamp. I just haven’t identified which file yet.