No 7 CD copying problem

When trying to copy of CD with Nero 7, I’m getting an error message that says “there is not enough space available to burn the image”. This came out of nowhere - and I have plenty of room. Is this a known issue? What could the problem be? Thanks!

Btw, the source and the destination are the same - but I would think it would just spit out the source CD when it was done creating the image and then ask for a blank…

Source and dest. the same 'cause I’m using a laptop…Didn’t mean to “bump”, but for some reason I didn’t see the edit buton…

Well there are copy protections that can do that. While it is very rare it happens. Try CloneCD or Alcohol 120% they are all programs that fight the Protection.

Interesting you say that because it says the CD is copy protected - or whatever term they use - but it can’t be. It’s a CD of songs from a songwriter I work with - not a retail CD, a compilation of demos.

Clone CD had no problem and I could make and copy an image with nero.

Nero should work when the source and dest. are the same, right?

Tried with other CDs - same issue :frowning: Does anyone know where it’s looking for the room it says it doesn’t have?

Do the following:

  1. Emty your Recylce Bin
  2. Delete un-neccessary files from your HD and make sure your HD has enough empty space.
  3. Make sure in your burning software you have selected CD not DVD for burning process.

OH OH OH!!! I JUST GOT IT!!! The Cd-r! I remembered today that I bought some old old like from 2001 cd-rs in 2005 and when I insterted the disc it said Not Enough space. I whould show you a picture (cause I still have the CD-rs) I’m just too lazy. Oh BTW take a picture of the error by holding CTRL and then press Print Screen it will copy the picture. THen go to Paint or what ever you have and paste the image then save it as a jpeg. Then go to and host the image then copy the link in a post.