No 4x burn in Sony after 2.0 upgrade thru Nero

It just hangs with the time increasing but the progress bar stagnates at 5 or 10 percent…and this happens with media that I bought and Nero confirms is 4x… :confused:

Whenever I burn DVD-R with the sony 500A it takes about 23minutes for a full DVD at 2x

I recently bought 4x media and now it takes 22min !!

1 minute for double the recording speed ? What is wrong here ?

One thing I do notice though is that the recording buffer is going up and down at 4x while it hardly moves at 2x

all burns are successfull though, but the take about 10min too long to burn.

any similar problems encountered ?

ps running firmware 2.0e and lastest nero

Your problem is very common because the reader is not fast enough for writting at 4x

I bought a JLMS DVD-ROM and now I burn DVD-R in 15-16 minutes
This drive starts reading at 3.8x and at the end of the DVD-R it reaches 9x

With your drive (I guess) it starts reading at 2x and only at 40% of the recording procedure the reading achieves 4x permitting a recording of also 4x

form 1% to 40% the recording speed increases slowly and thats your problem…

Try the 165H or the 166S drive form JLMS
They are very good and reliable
have two drives anda never had a problem

reader ??

I was talking about a iso created by files located on my HD ( most recent generation etc… )

Same here,i was always under the impression that with 4x media on a 4x burner like the Sony,4x burning can be achieved with the latest firmware,which I have…doesn’t make sense,can someone else please respond??