NO 2 second gaps wanted


I’m trying to backup 2ManyDJs vol2.
This has been mastered like a typical mix album as a continuous track with indexes jumping to where the tracks are roughly defined (forget the data track)

I have made a compilation cd like this myself using one track, cue file and cdrwin but I never managed to replicate it afterwards from the cd, only from the source.

Any ideas of software that will exactly copy this cd with no annoying 2 second gaps (even tried Exact Cd Copy - didn’t work unless theres a setting i missed)?
I’ve got the individual tracks off with no silence, so a decent cue builder may work?

Ta in advance

sorry found what I needed, look before you leap…

different question then -

Can the digital signal from a CD drive be output via the connector that links with the soundcard internally or do you need to use a soundcard with specific dig output like SB X-Fi?

Surely the digital signal is picked up directly from the IDE cable rather than the unnecessary audio cable.