No 16:9 switching on 5006?

Hi Guys,

I’ve just Bought a 5006 DVd recorder and it seems to be great. Great picture, eay to use, i’m very happy. Except one thing. I have a 16:9 TV and i’ve set the recorder to 16:9 but It won’t switch to 16:9 when it recieves 16:9 digital TV broadcasts, when it plays back a 16:9 recording or when it plays pre-recordered DVD’s.

I’ve tried changing the scart leads etc and i’ve experimented with other players, so I know this isnt the problem. It just doesnt seem to send a switching sigal to the TV.

Any ideas?

I am not sure why auto switching is not working in pre-recorded DVDs if they are widescreen.

However, this would not work in any case for DVDs recorded via the Liteon for the following reasons:

Alll DVDs have some information files (called IFO files). These tell the player if a recording is 16:9 or 4:3. When you set the recorder to 16:9, you are telling it to play back the recording on a widescreen TV.

What happnes then if the DVD is marked as 16:9, it is shown in full widescreen. If the DVD is marked as 4:3 the recording is played back with vertical black bars either side of the 4:3 picture.

However, the Liteon has a limitation as it assumes all recordings are 4:3 as it is essentially an analogue recording device (even Scart is analogue). This is basically a limitation of the Lieton.

It doesn’t know that the external source is a 16:9 source. The recording is fine, but you have to manually switch your TV to 16:9, as the recorder thinks its 4:3.

It is possible using IFOEDIT (search for other posts by me) to edit the IFO file and tell it the recording is 16:9, but you need to do this on a PC which takes a while and mostly would not be worth the effort (especially as auto switching is not working in your case anyway).

This sounds like you are having problems similar to mine. When playing a widescreen store-bought DVD, the player starts out playing the DVD in widescreen mode just fine, then after a minute or so of video play, the picture zooms in, chopping off the ends of the image! It does this no matter what I set in the “Setup Menu” under “Playback.” If I choose 16:9, 4:3 pan, or 4:3 letterbox, the player seems to ignore the choice. It always zooms in after a minute of play, chopping off the ends of the picture! After it has zoomed in like this, if you push “display” to get the info bar at the top of the screen, just the top of the picture is pushed down from the top of the screen. Then it zooms back in after a minute or so of play again. I’ve never seen a DVD player act this way; not Apex, Sony, GE, Gateway, or Phillips!

I’m sorry I’m not able to help, but at least you know you’re not the only one with sucha problem. I have upgraded to the latest firmware, and it did not help this problem.

Thanks guys. This is a little dissapointing. I might be able to live with the player not recognising a 16:9 recording, but playing back a sell-through DVD without switching the TV may be pushing it a little.

Strange thing is if I set the machine to 4:3 Letterbox it plays it back in widescreen with black bars top and bottom, which is correct. If i set it to 4:3 it actually pans n scans some DVD’s, which is also ok. But when I set it to 16:9 it plays the full anamorphic picture but doesnt switch the tv!!!

To add to that, when I turn the machine off and allow the digital decoder to pass through the Liteon to my Sony DVD player and then to the TV, the TV switches perfect. So the switcching signal is passing through the scart sockets in the machine, its just the machine isnt producing a switching signal of its own accord on playback.

I bought the liteon from Argos, which has a 16 return policy, so i’m not that concerned yet. It has messed up a few recodings in the few days I’ve had it, so theres a good chance it’ll be going back. It would be a shame as it does everything i want from a DVD recorder, which nothing else in this price bracket does at the moment. We’ll wait and see.

Forgot one thing, and this is really wierd. When i got into the set up menu, after around 5 seconds the TV switches to proper anamorphic widescreen, but when I play a dvd, it switches back to 4:3. Very strange.

ok. i decided to return the 5006 and buy a sony GX210 because it wouldnt do 16:9 switching on playback of recordings or pre-recorded dvds.

This was a magor error. The Sony doesnt record in RGB, which is a big no no for me and it only does 16:9 switching when you record in VR mode. So i then realised that very few (if any) dvd recorders do 16:9 switching on recordings, so the Liteon wasnt any different to the rest.

I then decided that the 5006 was actually a great machine in comparison. So i bought another one.

It works great but unlike the last one, it does 16:9 switching on pre-recorded dvds, which the last Liteon refused to do.

So i’m a happy camper, the machine works great and as long as i get 2-3 years out of it i’ll be happy.

Brian, so the assumption is that the first LO you had was defective?

Why hasn’t Liteon or somebody else come up with a way to force the recording to 16:9 whether it is digital or not? As I understand it, it is merely a matter of putting the right code into a file that is read during playback. While this can be done after writing, as you point out, who would want to bother? It would be so much easier to have a recording option do this.

I have output set to 16:9 to feed my 16:9 TV and that works fine. However, if I play it on my computer I get a squeezed 4:3. I suppose if my computer could be forced to do 16:9 I would be okay, but it doesn’t have that option. OTOH, when fed a commercial 16:9 disk it copes automatically.