No 12x DVD-RAM media for Europe

I just posted the article No 12x DVD-RAM media for Europe.

dakhaas used our news submit to tell us: "Roughly it says the following in English: 12x DVD-RAM media won"t be available in Europe because of compatability problems (At least with Toshiba…

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As it is a known fact that “high speed” DVD-RAM discs are not compatible with 5x drives, it is rather strange to see a manufacturer statement about the reasons for this decision - “compatibility reasons”. They should realize european people is not as stupid as that and there is the strong probability they can understand how the stuff works…i.e., they wouldn’t buy 12x discs to use with 5x drives and go back to the shop to present a claim…or, am I dead wrong and maxell would run such a risk?

By the way…will it be the time for maxell to widllly distribute their 5x discs in Europe!!! If it proves we have not the capabilities to use the 12x media it could work as a compensation…

Europeans are a bit slow.

It’s not coming to the USA either AFAIK…

And the Yanks are the slowest of the slow :stuck_out_tongue:

The EMEA zone is backwards. Or at least this is the common stereotype.