Niveus unveils Ice Vault 200 DVD-changer for the DVD Freak

I just posted the article Niveus unveils Ice Vault 200 DVD-changer for the DVD Freak.

When the PC hobbyist thinks about building a library of
their DVDs where they can select a movie at the touch of a button, the majority
would consider building a multimedia PC (such…

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Drool :B

This is for the person who tries to fill there life with useless things

That’s like 99.99999% of the western world (and perhaps others) What are you doing here? Can’t find something worth while to do rather then posting here? Movies and music are a way to pass the time some people might say that is useless.

I want the DVD+/-R version of 5 or 6 media changer which NAKAMICHI, Ricoh, Panasonic, JVC and Texel/Plextor had put on the market to sold by PC 5inch drive bay CD-ROM Changer Drive a long time ago. I thinks that it will be a max of ten media that it can be mounted or copied used at once on Private Use. Whenever my Plex716A replaces a disk, It has to wait for late mounting time with opening and closing of the disk tray which cannot be referred to as early. Although the possibility of PC-5inch-bay-DVD changer sale was asked to the Plextor, “It thought at present and was not” was said. Therefore, I want the PC-5inch-bay-DVD+/-R changer which can be stored in a drive at once for about 5 or 6 media (max.ten media) need. It welcomes ardently.:g

if this costs anything like imation disc stakka, then i cant frankly see it having any success…

let me guess sorti, you just bought you Ice Vault and our now wondering “was it really worth it”.