Nintendo wins lawsuit against modchip dealer for copy protection circumvention



We’ve just posted the following news: Nintendo wins lawsuit against modchip dealer for copy protection circumvention[newsimage][/newsimage]

A court in Milan has convicted modchip dealer ‘PC box’ for unlawfully circumventing the copy protection of Nintendo game consoles.

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After PC Box was unable to demonstrate any other ways Nintendo could use other and less restrictive copy protections, the Milan judge ruled in favor of the Japanese electronics giant. PC Box now has to destroy all its existing equipment, pay damages and all legal costs.

Or appeal and demonstrate other less restrictive copy protections that Nintendo could have used?
Not knowing all the details here, but that should not be too hard imo.


And to think someone else will come along and do the same thing? They must be hitting the Koolaid pretty hard at N.


The ECJ judges ruled that copy protections may be bypassed under certain circumstances, for commercial purposes, when the protections are
disproportionate or not meaningful.
So, pretty much any such technology can be bypassed (since DRM schemes are always disproportionate and meaningless), as long as it is done “commercially”?