Nintendo Wii to have video on demand



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The Nintendo Wii will receive a video on demand service sometime in early 2009, although it’s unknown what kind of content owners will be able to receive through the new service.
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Excellent! I’ve recently started streaming Netflix movies through my Xbox 360, and can’t wait to see what kind of videos are available through the Wii next year. I hope that it reaches North America before fall 2009, which is what some rumors are saying is the target date for the VoD rollout for North America and Europe.


Is Netflix service via 360 HD content/movies or only SD?


I know on the PS3 they vary. If it is in SD it tells ya this if it just tells you the title then it is in HD.


Some HD content is available through Netflix on the Xbox 360, although most is SD.


It would be nice to see Netflix streaming on the Wii…