Nintendo To Release GBA2?



Nintendo is to showcase the GBA2 at the next E3, which takes place in mid-May. Find out the details inside. It has been revealed that Nintendo plan to show off the GBA2 at the next E3, which begins May 17th. The unit will apparently have a large high-quality back-lit screen, as well as analogue controls.

With the emergence of the GBA2 fans may be wondering, “what’s the point of the DS?” Well apparently at E3 Nintendo will be showing off software that will make the DS more like a PDA. According to Spong the new GBA2 will be based around the GameCube hardware, but that seems like a bit of a jump from the GBA. Still, more will be seen in May.

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This sounds rather confusing. PDA like software for a handheld game computer? Pretty strange anyhow, as the market for PDAs is doing that good and so is Nintendo…