Nintendo takes on iPod and PSP with its Game Boy Micro



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 Although  Nintendo was well known for producing 'Games only' consoles, this has changed  with their last announcement of the Nintendo Revolution, which can also play DVDs.  Now ...
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It would be a big plus if it supports miniDVD


Waste of time. Nintendo should just give up. Sega bowed out of the hardware market gracefully and now Nintendo should.


sega didnt bow out gracefully, they made the saturn which was a flop albiet a semi cool flop, stopped supporting it which made quite a few saturn owners mad, then came out with the dreamcast which the assured everyone that there would not be a repeat performance of the saturn, only to abandon it and get out of the hardware market completely.


Hmmm… I really like the SD player idea. Sony can take their vendor lock memory addons and “stick” it. Sony, no one wants to go buy ‘your’ memory, when my player, laptop, cam all take SD!!!


To me it seems like Nintendo have been quite smart with the SD player. I think that for most people, the idea that they can take any movie or music or GBA game they like and play it on the go, on the will be a big thing, especially if you have spent £20-£30 on a new DVD, only to spend a further £15-£20 on the PSP version. Also a lot of retailers will want to bundle 521MB-1GB cards with them, so they will push this feature a lot. But as I’ve said on more than one occasion, it’s not how good your hardware or games are, it’s how good your marketing is…


a white unit would have more ‘cool factor’ with me. That bland silver-grey is really really tiring. Waiting for the white model Nintendo :slight_smile: