Nintendo ships over 100 million DS units

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Nintendo recently announced that it has shipped more than 100 million DS units, which makes it the fastest video game console to eclipse 100 million.
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Three of those are in my house.

two of them are in da house, nice toy

Well, that’s only 5 so far. I think Nintendo may be over exaggerating.

Please read on Nintendo Business Practices
Why Cdfreaks have not put up a story on Nintendo’s NAR program is maybe they are afraid of Nintendo ( Nintendo Auto Replen)

No DUH!! tha’ts why nintendo is now recession proof because they do not allow any USA or Canadian Electronics retailers to order Nintendo product as they please like it was in the past. Every retailer is stuck on AUTO ordering = sell then wait a couple of weeks to get more units sometimes 10-15 only . I know why Nintendo did this cutoff, if you remember back when Nintendo used to give credit back to the stores for returned units, stores were sending back fully working units but because of idiotic north american return policies where any jackass can use products and never keep they just return them and keep doing it to every store. So Nintendo with the release of the WII taught everyone here a lesson get your rear end like Europe many countries there do not offer refunds only exchange. Now the Europeans, UK,Asia can order what they want and we sre here waiting like jackasses. I work for a Canadian retailer and I hate return policies with a passion. Refunds are nothing more than idiotic old outdated ideas to push the market, but now it is 97% returns because of market conditions.
But tha’ts not even the main reason why Nintendo left us. The real reason is becaus of the high euro vs the us dollar vs can
Nintendo also gets paid prior to shipping the products now, no more paying 5 months down the road

Right now nintendo is making 75% more profit for every unit sold because of the exchange Euro is 1.75 over the canadian dollar
It does not take a rocket scientist to understand why nintendo wants to do business mostly in Europe.

I believe many vendors are following Nintendo’s example big one that comes to mind is Disney . Reps come in and only order to have 4 movies for shelf thats it!!!

Refunds = No ordering…

Not one of those is in my house, nor any of those that I know of. PSP units sell better here in Asia I guess.