Nintendo: Sega may supply GameBoy games

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Game machine maker Nintendo Co Ltd said on Thursday that rival Sega Corp may supply software for its `Game Boy Advance’ game machine.

But a Nintendo spokesman denied a report in…

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old news!

Yeah i wanna see a kind of mortal combat game where mario and sonic beats the shit out of eachother

Dood oh yAH Kewel. It all sux.

fuck nintendo.
who he hell wants a gameboy?

lets look at history.

first we had ATARI-LYNX.
colour display,backlit with classic arcade-games.
it even could be used on-end for vertical games!

Then we had SEGA-GAMEGEAR.
colour display,backlit and again with exellent arcade convertions!

Then gameboy apeared and we went back in time!!!
nasty shity black&white(black&green/yellow) display, no backlite.
and the games where shit.
(but the marketing was exellent!!!)

Now we have the NGP.
colour display, good arcade games.
shame they forgot the backlight!!!

I have all these consoles (exept the shitty one,hehe )

gameboy should NEVER have even existed, LET IT DIE!!!

I just read the above message… And I must say: I DISAGREE !

I also own a Atari Lynx (BTW. It rox.) The Sega Gamegear (Also rox) is a very nice handheld too. Then came SNG wih the NGPC, I like this handheld, but not as much as I like the Nintendo GBC.

I just miss one thing with every console/handheld… GAMES!!! IE. Some Sega games are really kewl, but you can’t play them on your GameBoy… So you have to buy a Gamegear.

Now Nintendo comes with a new handheld, the GameBoy Advanced… I saw some screenshots and I must say I like it a lot. Now Sega is able to create games for the BEST HANDHELD EVER, well, that’s just another reason to buy the GBA.

BTW: I didn’t mind the black&green display of the normal GB. It had some really cool games. Now it’s the same with the GBC, it has really kewl games. And the display is much better.

I think all I’trying to say is: I LIKE NINTENDO HANDHELDS !


Game Gear was created in 1985 the game boy in 1989 the game gear had a better sound and a color display, the game boy had a crapy sound black and withe color display

The only reason that the game boy sold better:
The marketing from nintendo

But Sega We love u 4-ever

Fuck the fake US nintendo



Oh Yeah I forgot:

rubbish, the game boy is PORTABLE. sure the game gear is supposed to be, but the power consumption! You can get a game boy light also!

Fuck Sega and Nintendo!Buy a PC!!!AH AH AH…

Wanna know which one’s better???
Download an emulator and find out for yourself. My favourite ROMs are from the C64. Old games like The Last Ninja and The Law of the West REALLY rock!

i still renember how i could watch tv on my gamegear. I havent seen any other handheld wich could do that…

One Solution, buy (or steal) a laptop/notebook. And d/l and play all the emu’s you want.

The problem with the Game Gear and also the Lynx I guess, is the short battery life. While i agree that the orignal GameBoy was pretty shit compared to these, it was also cheaper.

BTW Have a look at HiVE, it emulates an arcade machine, and plays the orignal versions of all the old games like PacMan and Space Invaders