Nintendo, Sega Deny Takeover Report

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Leading Japanese video game makers Nintendo and Sega on Wednesday denied a published report that Nintendo is mulling a buyout of Sega.

``The information in some overseas…

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Who wants to hear this shit?!? well I do ! I just wish we could go back to the old days when The Nintendo Entertained System !! AKANES (Also Know As NES) I play this system every day, it beats the hell out of my tuned 700 Hrz Computer. It never chrashes. speaking of chrashing. Why can’t Bill Gates make a perfect running system? well He CAN! he runs it a home and a work. but if he would sell it to us we would never buy another (so called) bugfixed Windows. NOW THAT’S WHY!! so that’s cleared up now I can die happy! and without your help please !

D@§§elssssssss From ROME!

the x-box is nothing to worry about, its crap, neither the pc, that is for a different market - the ps2 is much more of a threat despite it being a slight dissapointment

Dreamcast rules , ps2 rules ,

Nintendo buying Sega? I’d say it was Sega buying Nintendo! Is Nintendo selling anything these days?? A N64 sux big time compared to a DC!!

XBOX RULES this seem like PC, ps2 dreamcast nitendo SUCKS

one for Xbox, all for DC – get a life Firehell you’re the only one that suck !

Do You remember SONIC? Have You ever seen a greater game on Nintendo or Sony console?


wha a bullshit story.
SEGA is much larger han mos people think, they also make arcade machines & karioki players for japan, and own amusement arcades around the world!!

NINTENDO have no money!
and besides than, nonitendo are american - not japanese!!!


Microsoft dont have a ‘reliable’ windows for themselves.
billy-boy used to use a mac at home (his girlfriend old an american interviewer!)
and microsoft head-office in redmond uses IBM ‘A.S.’-series servers running UNIX!!!


I’s all " good " !


I totally agree that Nintendo suckz and Sega and Sony rule, but don’t forget that Nintendo has the no1 selling handcomputer (GameBoy rings a bell) which is still selling big time. And besides that: who has those annoying Pokemon? Right indeed Nintendo. I think Nintendo has more money then you think but they focus more on the children market (Nintendo 64 only has kiddie games) and that’s where the money is!

Greets and a good 2001 !!!

ATARI 2600 RULES!!! :smiley:

Well, when Nintendo first released their NES -platform it was the most selling gaming-machine in the world! and Super-NES, GameBoy, ect. is also nice-selling equipment, so if anyone says that Sega has greater fundings than Nintendo, they are simply mistaking.