Nintendo sales dominance continues in November



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The Nintendo Wii dominated sales charts in November. Again.
Research group NPD pointed out that even though Microsoft had a strong Black Friday showing last month with 836,000 units sold, the…

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I’m not surprised the Wii was again the top selling console, but 2 million units sold in one month? Considering how the U.S. is in a recession and the global economy is said to be struggling, Nintendo doesn’t seem to mind very much!


The Wii is innovative compared to these other consoles. That is why people like it. These other consoles just have better graphics, nothing innovative there. I would liken it to upgrading your graphics card on your PC. I like where Nintendo is heading with the kind of interactivity present on their console. I hope they continue this on their next console.


On a different note, if they didn’t screw up with going “cartridge” on the N64, I still think they wouldn’t of lost their number 1 spot in previous years but it looks like they have reclaimed it. Nintendo is well known for innovation. Their consoles have been pushing technology since the NES. I remember they set the standard for 3D games back on Mario 64. Everyone, were like, “Wow!!” Not including, all the news coverage it received.


I suppose the Wii is innovate with its controller, but it only has the power of the original xbox and doesn’t do HD. So if its only selling because of the motion controller, I wonder how they’re going to sell the Wii 2? People will already have the novelty item?

That being said, out of the major companies, nintendo was the only one to target their profits on console sales. So it doesn’t matter that wii games don’t sell very well, they’re making a killing of the hardware.

Xbox is making a killing off the software and ps3 is losing money.

So I’d say everyone is winning but Sony.


The wii sells so good because parents like it better as it does not make the kids as lazy as a PS3 and XBOX does… Who wants to play for an integrated Blu-ray if they not need it chooses for the XBOX360 at a far better price and who does not want to sit on it’s ass all the time goes Wii… The wii is more family fun over the others as well… (Singstar is good too though and the BuZZZ)


More than two million units sold in November! Congrats to Nintendo! I own a PS3 and am happy with it, but I understand the appeal of the Wii.

It’s fun to play, and there are plenty of video games I can play with my kids. My oldest son, a 11 year old, will be getting a Wii under the tree.


I work for Best Buy and thank God Nintendo put all US Retailers on Auto ordering program 2 years ago when the Wii Launched. This means no excessive Inventory, much less exchanges BECAUSE their is not enough stock to to keep exchanging to rip retailers off!!. Europe, Uk and Asian retailers can still order simply put most retailers there don’t offer refunds…So in a ironic way having refunds in the US retailers forced Nintendo to tells us : Refunds = No ordering rights…

At our store we have not seen any Wii come back since 2006!!! no refund or even any exchanges!!

Thank you Nintendo!!! Now you can you also teach the Auto Execs not to build to many friken cars so they can sit collecting dust??

The big 3 need to learn from Nintendo NO MORE FLOODING THE MARKET with your products!!!


By the way Nintendo flooeded the European, Uk and Asian Markets they are teaching the North American market a lesson: DON’T USE OUR PRODUCTS THEN RETURN THEM AND GET YOUR MONEY BACK !!!
As per the Game Cube Fiasco, retailers sent 90% of all game cubes back working, just to get the cost back. Those days are over Nintendo DOES NOT TAKE ANY RETURNS BACK FROM Retailers it’s all a one way sale…


Coolios, you have a twisted view of how to please a customer. You said you worked at Bestbuy? Well, pissing off customers means they don’t shop at your establishment anymore which means stores close which means you are out of a job. I know I stopped shopping at Bestbuy years back because of their poor customer service record with me and many others. Not including, the crap they sale is just that, crap. Also, if you knew econ, you would know that “shortages” means higher prices. Flooding the market with your product and you are going to lower your profit margin.


Lmao I know thats why I am always the dude that gets all the customers, too bad we are not on comission anymore!!!.. Poor customer service is lying to them and telling them sold out we are not sold out!!! We are cut off from ordering ( for Nintendo Product)
And ask yourself this…Why would Nintendo put all US retailers on auto order system back in 2006 when the economy was solid? Why would Nintendo not want to Flood the US market and get more sales??
Ask the Big 3 that question and you will get the answer

A. When you allow Retailers to order they order too heavy to push sales but you make your product too much available so it does not have a high sought after value. And also there is more exchanges and refund with people getting a new product every 3 months ( In the US).
I like what Nintendo has done it made my life easier at work, don’t need to deal with Nintendo Console returns or exchanges.

Now here is the laugh attack… Do you know how many people try to rip us off with shady PS3’s and 360’s every day?? Too many to count. Could customers do this if we were on auto order from Microsoft and Sony?? NO!!
Now you know how Nintendo avoids this.Limit on purpose.
I have family members living back in Europe and I tell them about Nintendo’s NAR program here and they laugh their ass off…


Sorry if those words upset you but Europe is the crown jewel of sales right now… Did you realize any product Nintendo sells there they make 50% more profit than if that product sold here in the US!!! 1.50 Euro